Attack on Drag

PBS Exploring Hate

Drag Story Hour has become a target for violent hate groups. This film for the PBS digital series Exploring Hate investigates how far right hate groups are using attacks on drag to build mainstream support for their anti-democratic agenda. The film also reveals how right-wing media figures and politicians, using the code phrase “protect the kids,” are working to pass legislation criminalizing drag shows and targeting the LGBTQ+ community around the country. “Legislation like this normalize and embolden this violent extremism,” says Amy Spitalnick. “When no one is saying anything when the trans community is targeted, when drag shows are targeted, it makes them emboldened to then target the black community, the Muslim community, the Jewish community, immigrants, refugees, the LGBTQ community writ large. Nothing less than our democracy is at stake.”

Producer and Director: Micah Fink