Mann v. Ford

This feature documentary for HBO takes place thirty-nine miles from New York City where the Ramapough Indians are slowly being poisoned. The people know their executioner: it is the Ford Motor Company, which, between 1967 and 1971, used the Ramapough’s mountain home as a dumping ground for a lethal brew of lead-based paints, PCB’s, and toxic industrial solvents. In the decades since, mysterious tumors, routine miscarriages, and extremely rare and lethal cancers have plagued the community. Framed by the Ramapough’s five-year lawsuit against Ford Motor Company, Mann v. Ford is a vivid, shocking tale of environmental irresponsibility and corporate malfeasance. It reveals sordid backroom deals between the government and big business, and follows the brave, desperate fight of an isolated people and their tenacious legal defense team wrings some kind of justice from one of America’s most powerful industrial giants.

Produced and Directed: Micah Fink and Maro Chermayeff