The Abominable Crime

Jamaica, the Caribbean island known for its reggae music, also has a less positive track record as a country where gay, lesbian and transgender people suffer enormous violence; sexual acts in private between consenting male adults are criminalized. Lawyer Maurice Tomlinson was the most visible advocate for the rights of homosexuals in Jamaica for years until he was outed by a local newspaper.  The Abominable Crime is a riveting documentary that explores the religious-based culture of homophobia in Jamaica through the eyes of gay Jamaicans forced to choose between their homeland and their lives.

Broadcast:  PBS Afropop


Amnesty Intl Human Rights Film Award 2014.  Best Documentary, Winston-Salem LBGT Film Festival. Best Documentary, Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival.  Best Documentary, Roze Filmdagen Film Festival.  Audience Award, Mix Copenhagen. Best Documentary, Belize International Film Festival.   Special Mention, Movies That Matter Film Festival.